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Wellbeing Check-In Program​

The Brief

As Melbourne was in Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions of its second lockdown, professionals and organisations within the healthcare sector were facing increased pressures. The wellbeing, ongoing sustainability and success of the executive team were a high priority for the CEO and Board. They sought to further understand how their teams were coping with the relentless crisis management, prolonged stress, lockdown, and remote working. ​

Solution Building​

Breathing Space partnered our client to conduct a Wellbeing Check-In program for leaders across the Executive COVID19 Governance Group. The wellbeing strategists connected with each of the 15 leaders to conduct an individual confidential 30-minute check-in & coaching session.​​​​​

The Outcome​

  • Conversations provided immediate intervention at an individual level identifying strategies to prioritise and enhance wellbeing.​
  • A de-identified report was provided to the CEO highlighting common themes and recommended considerations to build continued engagement, productivity, innovation and care, whilst navigating COVID-19 and beyond.​

​Leaders Were positively impacted by the opportunity to step back and reflect on the year and gain clarity on any areas of concern to assist with planning of how to move forward. The team were appreciative of the investment and timely approach to undergo these critical debrief sessions, in addition to the range of wellbeing support that had been provided through the year.​

Executive The CEO and the Executive team underwent a debrief to understand the Breathing Space report’s practical recommendations in areas for organisational improvement. Strategies for developing sustained resilience and high performance were reviewed. This will enable the organisation to build upon the proven agility and rapid decision making achieved this year. ​

Board The CEO and Board Chair reviewed the findings and recognised the importance of ensuring a high functioning team. They were pleased with the process of building capability during a crisis and acute change, along with the specialist support, guidance and insight provided throughout the process. ​