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Tips for interim executive CV writing

An interim CV is quite different from a regular CV. Clients are often looking for candidates who have demonstrated experience in solving similar problems at a similar scale.

What makes the process of writing a CV for an interim career so challenging is that as an executive, you will have had a long career comprising a range of positions and projects with varied measures of success. In some cases, you may have been in an overarching leadership position and others you may have been focused in a specific area.

  • Start with a summary of yourself – what is your value proposition?
    • Include a profile statement summarising your core expertise and experience.
    • Highlight your specialist skills – what you do best and what you love to do
    • Emphasise how many years of experience you have in leadership positions
    • Outline your sector experience
  • Summarise your career in chronological order
    • For Interim management roles, the most recent five to ten years of your career is most relevant. This allows the client to understand if you have the necessary experience to ‘hit the ground running’ and meet their current need.
    • Be specific – Include details about your previous employers and be clear about what you did and what the business does. Include things like turnover; budget; team management responsibilities etc
  • Demonstrate your career achievements, successful results and focus on tangible outcomes.
  • Summarise your key behavioural competencies. Highlight particular strengths that are core to interim management such as flexibility, adaptability, outcomes focused etc
  • Keep it simple and easy to read
    • Keep the format simple
    • Present your CV in a simple word format so that it can be easily read
    • No colour text or background
    • No photos
    • No large attachments
  • Summarise tertiary education and relevant business qualifications or accreditations.

Remember that a good interim management CV is not the same as a corporate career CV. You must be able to present your capabilities quickly and clearly.