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Changing the why we work

Interim Executives are unlocking capacity and capability in the Social Impact Sector.

Our 20-year history of partnering with social impact organisations allows us to connect Gig Executives qualified to deal with the unique challenges the social impact sector faces. Gig Executives are experienced leaders, agile change agents, and subject matter specialists who can play a critical role building an inclusive future for our communities. Our Gig Executive team will work with you to design a solution that helps scale capacity, build capability and cover senior leaders in your organisation within timing and budget requirements.

How can a Gig Executive help solve Social Impact Sector challenges?

Drive organisational transformation with a change program specialist

Cover senior team members to enable learning and development opportunities

Help pivot business models without detracting from everyday priorities

Build new skills in the team to solve for emerging challenges

Everything you need to know about engaging a Gig Executive in your social impact organisation.

If you are a developed senior leader who would like to build a portfolio career and enjoy the flexibility, impact and exciting challenges that Gig Executive offer, get in touch. Hear from Clair Schultz, who was recently on assignment at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Clair talks about her experience as a Gig Executive with our Manager Client Development, Paula McCabe.

A selection of our Not For Profit clients


Our Not For Profit clients reflect the diverse range of institutions and organisations operating across this sector in Australia and New Zealand.

“I write to thank Liz and Fisher Leadership for your professionalism and the diligent manner you worked with myself and Board in presenting to us an excellent range of candidates. Recruitment of a new Chief Executive Officer is never easy and for us it was at a crucial time for our organisation. At all times we felt comfortable with your professionalism, confidentiality and availability in the manner you and your staff answered our questions and the guidance you provided. We obtained an excellent outcome.”


“The position of Board Chair of a Rural Health Service is a daunting and challenging role with significant responsibility and accountability. The feeling I had after 5 years in the role to be confronted with the responsibility of seeking a new CEO was overwhelming. The support, guidance and deliverables provided by Deborah and Fisher Leadership eased the tremendous burden. I am so glad we engaged Deborah and the team to provide the excellent service and support we needed.” ​


How can we help?

Connect with the right specialist

Connecting organisations to flexible executive talent. Gig Executives can be in place within days as opposed to weeks or months; essential for rapid change environments. Gig Executives are selected due to their experience, expertise and adaptability, geared to complete assignments effectively with due speed. We call this approach right talent, right table, right time.



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