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Industry Associations

Engaging and persuasive industry champions

Representing an often diverse set of stakeholders, associations and groups are essential advocates for the interests of their members and industry as a whole. Leaders in this sector must be able to champion advocacy to drive positive change for members and identify opportunities for improvement and growth. This requires outstanding relationship management and influencing abilities, combined with strong integrity, clarity of purpose and strategic insight.

Finding and developing successful industry association leadership requires a deep understanding of interpersonal skills and underlying aspiraitons. It depends on the ability to network widely to identify the exceptional mix of skills, experience and career aspirations that qualify prospective leaders, while also maintaining on-going engagement with a pipeline of prospective leaders of the future.

Our breadth of experience

Industry Association clients rely on Fisher Leadership to find and support exceptional leaders across a wide variety of board and senior executive roles.
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Executive Director
  • Head of International Team
  • Head of Education Delivery
  • Head of Continuing Professional Development
  • Executive Manager, Finance and Business Support
  • General Manager, Strategic Change and Development
  • General Manager, Strategic Communication and Engagement
  • Director, Strategic Communications
  • National Manager, Professional Development
  • Business Development Manager
  • Policy and Research Manager
  • National Executive Officer

‘From the outset of our CEO recruitment process, we felt listened to by Eilish Devine. Eilish has a diplomatic and sensitive manner which allows her to show utmost professionalism in managing executive recruitment process for all stakeholders. She and her team went above and beyond to assist us in sourcing the best candidates for our CEO role and we are delighted with the outcome.”

Board Director Large national Association


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