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Successful leaders of the future in the private sector need to forge strong, long-lasting relationships and networks and bring an innovative approach to problem solving. They must have a solid grasp of performance measurement tools, governance and risk mitigation. Understand the importance of sustainability in business and the environment, as well as flexibility, diversity and safety. Be able to make tough choices. Bring an innovative and creative mindset and approach. Focus on their key assets – their people. Be decisive while seeking the right levels of consultation. Have strong values aligned with those of the organisation.

Finding and retaining private sector leaders of the future means accessing a broad and deep pool of talent to find those with the right values and aspirations to engage teams around the corporate purpose. It means developing talent pipelines that recognise future leadership potential and reward loyalty with opportunities to embrace personally inspiring challenges.

The Jo Fisher Leadership team are the definiton of professional. They made the recruitment process a breeze!

Jodie Bishop

Vice Chancellor Lenova Grammar School


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Private Sector clients rely on Fisher Leadership to find and support exceptional leaders across a wide variety of board and senior executive roles.
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