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Case Study: Interim Professor of Nursing and Chair of Discipline



The University partner has deep connections with regional New South Wales and Queensland, with multiple campuses in along the Eastern Seaboard. The organisation has successfully built its academic structure upon four faculties: –Business, Law and Arts; Science and Engineering; Education; and Health. Our brief was to find an experienced Interim Professor of Nursing and Chair of Discipline to enable a detailed search for this key member of the Faculty of Health’s executive leadership team.


The Gig executive team accessed our extensive, pre-qualified database, conducted assessment interviews and swiftly produced a list of candidates who aligned well with the brief. An Emeritus Professor was confirmed as the successful appointee and commenced with the University just two weeks after the initial briefing. The successful interim executive brought considerable experience from within the sector, including leadership and workload planning skills. 


The Emeritus Professor was able to make an immediate impact by providing operational and strategic thinking to support the redesigning of the nursing curriculum and supporting the team through a period of change and transformation.