Interim Insights with Benetas - Gig Executive

Interim Insights with Benetas

The Gig Executive team recently supported Benetas to quickly fill an urgent gap with an Interim Operations Manager. We caught up with Helen Kemp, General Manager – Health and Care Support Office, and Sarah Fair, Interim Operations Manager, for a quick Q&A about the experience.


Why would you recommend considering interim talent? 

Helen: “Being able to access someone with the skill and experience to assist in the short term for organisational support is invaluable. Gig Executive provided a timely service, with a great candidate, who also fitted well with the organisation and its values.”

Sarah: “As an interim executive you can use your experience managing complexity to provide stability and mentorship to managers and teams, provide insight into wicked problems and offer options for collaboratively solving them within a clear timeframe, and with the support of the Gig Executive team.”


Helen, what do see as the key advantages of engaging an interim? 

Helen: “It provided us an opportunity to get immediate cover in a short term vacancy with a skilled operative. This supported the organisation to continue with its strategic and operational goals.”


Sarah, what have you enjoyed about the opportunity to contribute as a Gig Executive?

Sarah: “I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to support managers and teams to focus on the positive, develop practical strategies to embrace opportunities and manage challenges, within a timeframe that allows for setting up the business for a permanent leader to come in and thrive.”


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