Case Study: Interim Chief People Officer at a Victorian Statutory Authority - Gig Executive

Case Study: Interim Chief People Officer at a Victorian Statutory Authority

Interim Director of Governance, Independent Boys' School


Our client needed a leader to transform their HR department, which was characterised by outdated processes and strained relationships with the business. The HR team, primarily focused on transactional tasks like timesheet processing, needed to evolve into a strategic partner for the organisation. Key issues included:

  • An inadequate HR team structure, urgently requiring strategic oversight
  • Payroll and medical leave discrepancies requiring immediate audit and resolution
  • Employee and industrial relations issues

The Interim Chief People Officer (CPO) was tasked with troubleshooting these issues, establishing oversight, and bringing in additional resources to support the transformation. The role was also critical in alleviating the pressure on the existing executive leadership team.


To find the right candidate, Gig Executive conducted a targeted search, emphasising experience in HR transformation and the ability to lead significant organisational change. The search process included:

  • Engaging with Gig Executive associates within our dedicated HR practice
  • Engaging with potential candidates across various sectors known for their robust HR practices
  • Implementing a comprehensive interview schedule to assess candidates’ ability to manage the specific challenges the client was experiencing

The successful candidate needed to demonstrate a strong track record in:

  • Developing and implementing HR strategies aligned with organisational goals
  • Overhauling dysfunctional HR processes and teams
  • Managing industrial relations issues effectively
  • Leading cultural change and improving employee engagement


The appointment of the Interim Chief People Officer exemplifies Gig Executive’s ability to match the right talent with critical organisational needs. The newly appointed Chief People Officer hit the ground running, quickly making significant strides in reforming the client’s HR function. Key achievements included:

  • HR Function Overhaul: The CPO revised the existing HR structure, addressing dysfunction and improving processes to better support the organisation
  • Talent Strategy and HR Business Partnering: New support was brought in to develop a comprehensive employee value proposition and talent strategy. The HR Business Partnering team was strengthened to ensure alignment with the organisation’s strategic goals
  • Operational Improvements: Immediate steps were taken to audit payroll and medical leave processes, resolving pay discrepancies and improving overall transparency and accuracy

This role, fixed for a six-month term, was crucial in supporting the wider change and transformation at the statutory authority following recent legislative changes. The Interim CPO’s contributions have laid the groundwork for a more strategic, efficient, and supportive HR function, positioning the organisation for continued success in its vital work.