High Performing CEO at Local Government - Gig Executive

High Performing CEO at Local Government

Outstanding field and successful candidate ​2019​


The Brief

Fisher Leadership engaged closely with the Mayor and Councillors on a national/NZ search that yielded strong candidates from a variety of sectors that could meet the ​needs of this well regarded major metropolitan Council. ​

This search and recruitment process was overseen by an Advisory Consultant, who was our key point of contact and managed probity. ​

Solution Building​

Key to success in this assignment was Fisher Leadership’s upfront facilitation of a workshop with the Mayor and Councillors to gain deep insight into culture and organisational drivers. This in turn resulted in a contemporary information pack dynamically representing the Council in the marketplace, enabling valuable dialogue with candidates. ​

Confidentiality is key to Fisher Leadership’s approach including the management of CEO assignments in Local Government and we provided a mechanism to ensure privacy for each candidate. ​

Key timelines were met, and candidate care was at its highest. ​

The Outcome​

The successful candidate was placed following their accomplished tenure at another Council. They are widely considered as a high performing CEO and following this successful appointment, Fisher Leadership went on to support this Council with the appointment of their Head of HR and Head of Infrastructure.​