Dean of Management - Gig Executive

Dean of Management​

Driving academic excellence in one of the largest business schools in the Asia Pacific region​​

The Brief

Ability to integrate activities across organisational boundaries and disciplines to meet the needs of students and industry, through tailored programs and outcomes-related research.​

Ability to work collaboratively within the College of Business, across the University and globally with external stakeholders, fostering strong relationships and a collegial environment.​

Academic leadership experience at a senior level, with a strong track record in research, funding and publications.​

Ability to manage change in a dynamic environment.​

A commitment to contributing to the development of the College of Business and its strategic planning.​

Operational management skills, with the ability to manage a significant team and resources.​​

Solution Building​

Detailed research and mapping covered high calibre potential candidates at PVC, Executive Dean and Dean levels in Australia and targeted international locations, in addition to heads of large schools or colleges who may be ready to step up.​

Our team reached out to individuals across these networks, engaging in dialogue to ascertain advice and recommendations of potential candidates, who were then encouraged to apply and were interviewed by Fisher Leadership consultants to evaluate their fit with the requirements and culture of the University.​

A print and online advertising campaign supplemented the search.

longlist of four women and three men was presented, including candidates based in Australia, the UK and Ireland.​

The Outcome​

Four candidates were selected for interview, presenting to the panel on their perceived key priorities for the role and how they would address them. The successful candidate was Professor Johanna Macneil.​

An accomplished professor in employment relations and human resource management, Johanna has a strong focus on student engagement and teaching outcomes. As Assistant Dean, Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Newcastle, she led the development and oversight of international and programs with delivery partner universities in Asia.​