Professor Lyn Karstadt - Gig Executive

Professor Lyn Karstadt


Lyn was recently Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Murdoch University and prior to that Executive Dean at the University of Southern QLD. She has a long history in the University sector in the UK and has a background in healthcare and education. Lyn brings more than 25+ years of experience in healthcare and education to her practice in executive coaching.

With the experience of executive roles in the UK and Australia, and a strong national and international profile that includes Board membership and Chair experience, she is innovative, entrepreneurial, and strategic. This international experience at senior levels has honed her ability to develop talent across cultures. She is also a skilled facilitator in leadership in both teaching and organsational environments. This combined with several years’ experience in and a continued association with, the healthcare system provides insight into a range of contemporary situations and issues.

She has a track record of being people-orientated, rating Individuals as an employer’s most important resource and communication as her greatest management tool. She is now actively coaching leaders in the university sector across Australia, South East Asia, and the UK. Her previous exposure to organisations across geographical areas, in both private and public sectors, and their leaders provide a context and valuable experience in relation to this developmental work.

Her passion for education is evidenced by her pursuit of a Doctorate in Education (completed in 2010), which evaluated curricular content and the utilisation of knowledge to direct nursing practice. Before that, she had studied for a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. She is also a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Teacher. Her experience is therefore broad and facilitates interaction with a wide range of professionals.