Julie Egonidis - Gig Executive

Julie Egonidis

Head of Client Development

Julie is passionate about developing people and helping them become better leaders. She believes deeply that effective leadership has far reaching impacts in society; through the dynamic work cultures leaders create, the high performing teams they engage, and the decisions they drive to improve their organization and our communities.

Julie has extensive experience in partnering with clients from a range of sectors to support their development needs. Having spent over 15 years in senior business development and consulting roles, she understands how to turn information into insights, and foster collaboration for mutually meaningful outcomes. Having recently joined CLA in 2021, Julie joins us from Melbourne Business School where she led client development for custom learning solutions.

Julie believes in bringing your whole self to your role, and with authenticity and generosity enjoys building deep and trusted relationships with our partners and clients to deliver on desired outcomes. A keen and curious learner, she is currently undertaking a Master of Leadership and Management (Organisational Dynamics) to deepen her understanding of the unique demands of work systems.