Gabriel Edwards - Gig Executive

Gabriel Edwards


Gabriel Edwards is an experienced people strategist with a reputation for delivering quality People Strategies addressing complex business issues and enabling major business transformation in Australia and Europe.

For the past 17 years Gabriel has designed unique People Strategies that support rebranding activities, mergers and acquisitions, business culture change, employee engagement strategies, head office relocations, leadership change and global restructures for large organisations across all industry sectors.

Gabriel is also a counsellor for CEOs and Executives and has worked on executive teams and advised CEOs, Executives and Board Directors in the People Advisory space across many industries and sectors. She has a deep understanding of the complexities, day-to-day and long-term pressures faced by business leaders today, as well as the impacts this is having on leaders’ health and wellbeing.

As a highly skilled and sought-after facilitator with 25 years’ experience exploring complex business processes with leadership teams, Gabriel specialises in facilitating conflict resolution, business strategy transformation, ‘live’ survey and business crisis debriefing processes. She is an expert in Open Space Facilitation, team-conflict resolution and Appreciative Inquiry facilitation processes.