An interim role can have a permanent impact - Gig Executive

An interim role can have a permanent impact

As an interim manager, you have flexibility, independence, variety. But more importantly what our Flex Executives are constantly telling us is that they love the freedom from corporate politics and the ability to very quickly make a big difference to the organisation you are partnering with.

  1. A more flexible lifestyle – Interim manager can take advantage of the opportunity to pursue other ambitions, or simply to provide more time for other interests. Many senior figures in permanent roles are reconsidering the way they work to ensure they get a better balance in their personal like.   This tends to include being overworked and feeling unable to take holidays due to the reliance on them in the day-to-day running of the organisation.
  2. Greater job satisfaction – Interim assignments can provide you with fresh opportunities, new challenges, cross-industry experience and greater ability to take control of your working life. Removed from company politics or culture, interim managers focus on what’s best for the business and contribute honestly. Some interim managers even take breaks between assignments to avoid feeling burned out.
  3. Valuing your expertise –. Interim manager can be selective in the work they do and the companies they work for. They can do this on their own terms and ensure they are playing to their strengths. Interim managers are often being sensibly over-qualified for the roles they take on, which sets them up for success, enables them to make a noticeable impact from the outset and drives greater job satisfaction.
  4. Add real value – Rather than taking on a purely advisory role, interim managers are held accountable for results. Unlike management consultants, interim managers advise, recommend and implement.
  5. Diversify experience – Another major benefit of working as an interim manager is that it creates the opportunity to diversify experience. Most interims take assignments across a broad range of sectors. Interim management has the advantage of adding significantly to experience and developing expertise across a range of senior positions within a relatively short space of time.
  6. Managing your professional brand and widening your network – Interim management can raise an individual’s profile and enable rapid career advancement. Interim assignments opens up your network to organisations or networks that you would not usually have had exposure to.