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Who’s excited about the new world of work? We are!

Gig Executives offer a new breed of leadership solutions. Flexible, experienced, specialists who are ready to hit the ground running in your organisation at a moment’s notice. A small tweak to the way you think about talent, will help you solve the biggest challenges facing your workforce.

The Gig Executive Story

Future Leadership is a capability ecosystem for boards and executives. We are a combination of three businesses, Fisher Leadership, Gig Executive, and CLA Solutions, working together to bring more diverse solutions to the table.

In 2002 Jo Fisher founded an Executive Search company to bring more diverse leaders to the table. Today, Future Leadership is the parent company bringing more diverse executive leadership solutions together to make a difference today, and in the future.

How we like to work

In a word? Collaboratively! Businesses are building solutions faster than ever before. The Gig Executive team works closely with leaders from client organisations to understand their unique challenges and build immediate and impactful solutions. Whether you need to fill an unexpected vacancy or supercharge in-house capability, we can assist. Our community of fully accredited, highly-qualified, market-ready Gig Executives can smooth leadership transitions, inject new skills, scale capacity or supercharge business-critical projects. And the thing we love the most? Our Gig Executives achieve all this while fitting seamlessly into your team.

What we do best

With 20 years of experience placing high-profile executives into high-profile positions across the Health, Education, Social Impact, Public and Private Sectors, we have deep relationships with executives who want to work differently. Today, our Gig Executive business connects this flexible workforce of proven executive leaders with organisations that are ready to think about talent differently.

The Gig Executive solution originally evolved to support our clients through leadership transition, and often in times of crisis. Today, we are living in a world where crises happen more often, and anticipating change is becoming more difficult.


Sustainable talent strategies 

During the global pandemic, we have seen demand for our Gig Executives skyrocket. Organisations are now calling on interim leaders to become a revolving asset to their business. 

Everyone has heard of the knowledge economy, and we are well-versed in the alternative growth model called the sharing economy. Today, future-facing people leaders are asking themselves whether they need to ‘own’ all of their senior executives, or whether a shared knowledge bank of the best and brightest, is the most bankable asset a business can have in a capability-first world.

A Great Place to Work

We are proud to be recognised as an employer of choice.

Great Place to Work® has surveyed more than 100 million employees since 1992. Future Leadership and our three businesses, Gig Executive, Fisher Leadership and CLA Solutions are proud to be named a Great Place to Work. Every day we challenge ourselves to activate a future leadership mindset internally as well as externally. We do this in three key ways:

• measuring our individual, team and organisational success according to our common ‘why’ which is ‘creating a world of difference’

• living our values in action so that our ‘how’ is always founded on caring, collaborating, solving and impacting

• embrace intersectional diversity across social, cognitive, skills-based and identity markers to shape a truly inclusive and psychologically safe culture

• activate a mindset of curiosity alongside a practice of life-long learning to ensure our internal position on capability-building for the future is reinforced and leveraged amongst our team

The Great Place to Work benchmarking and insights empower leaders with real-time reporting on how their employee engagement is performing against the world’s top companies. Certification is the mark of great employee experience. We are proud to create a world of difference alongside this community of recognised change-makers.

Our Values

Future Leadership’s values underpin our processes, the way we treat people, and our approach to business. Our values represent the way we work, every day.

​We prioritise a safe environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and value. Our passion propels us to do the right thing, go the extra mile and ensure our interactions are filled with authenticity, integrity and empathy. We trust and are kind.

We work together to listen, connect and support each other. We approach interactions with open-minds, humility and respect to ensure we learn, share ideas and benefit from collective wisdom.

We think curiously and creatively to achieve future facing solutions that are innovative, fit-for-purpose, and deliver results. We are high-performers and market leaders at the top of our game.

We create a world of difference by delivering measurable and sustainable outcomes. We embrace innovation, and commit to positive change, for people and for planet.

Our Commitment to Sustainability Practices

Over the decades, Future Leadership has invested significant resources in developing our approach to Sustainability. ​​ In consolidating our sustainability agenda, we have reviewed in depth what we as an organisation must do to ensure we live and promote sustainable business practices. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide our guiding light. We have applied the ESG framework as the most appropriate means to focus our efforts.
Throughout the report, the SDG icons are used to reference the alignment of our initiatives.

ESG Sustainability Reporting

There is little doubt ESG is a growing part of our shared history. The reality that we are only as strong and healthy as the people and partnerships around us has hit home.

Sustainability is key to business, investment, supply chains, employee retention and customer loyalty.

Our heritage as a trusted advisor to leadership teams has led to the development and implementation of our best-practice ESG Sustainability Reporting framework. Our ESG service partners with your team to document and develop Environmental, Social and Governance standards to deliver accountability and value creation to your stakeholders.

Build a better, more sustainable world with ESG reporting.

How can we help?

Connect with the right specialist

Connecting organisations to flexible executive talent. Gig Executives can be in place within days as opposed to weeks or months; essential for rapid change environments. Gig Executives are selected due to their experience, expertise and adaptability, geared to complete assignments effectively with due speed. We call this approach right talent, right table, right time.



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